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I qualified as a Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Post rehabilitation exercise specialist in November 2022. This allows me to teach clients recovering from breast cancer either in group work (as favoured by charity funded schemes running in many UK hospitals) or for one-on-one work with clients preferring individual attention.

I  understand Breast Cancer, its pathology and stages and types of treatment available so I can work with clients to set realistic expectations of how and when I can help you. Knowing  the surgical effects of different types of reconstruction or surgery allows me to home in on muscle groups which will require attention and contraindicated exercises or movement patterns which should be avoided as a result of any specific intervention. I can also recognise signs and symptoms of Lymphedema and advise accordingly.

Even if you have been recently diagnosed or had your surgery some years ago then you can still benefit from a session with me as I can help you regain your shoulder mobility whilst supporting you emotionally.

For a confidential chat please get in touch.

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