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I have been coming to Deborah for Pilates classes for at least ten years and I can’t recommend her more highly.  She is incredibly knowledgeable and I don’t think you could find a better teacher (I have tried a few!).
Deborah has been incredible at helping me through many health issues … with her help I managed to delay major back surgery for at least four years.  She is also helping me to cope with fibromyalgia and delayed hip surgery.  Deborah has been a constant help while my body has been falling apart!  I would have been lost without my Pilates sessions and Deborah’s help and patience.
Penny, Berkshire. 

Every lesson with Deborah is different.  Using her vast knowledge and experience she takes the time to assess your specific needs on that day and tailors the lesson to target those areas.   You leave the session feeling stretched, refreshed and relaxed and there are many laughs along the way! I always feel so much better once I have had my lesson as one of the benefits of the reformer is it works you hard but keeps you safe.

Mrs M, Oxon

I have been doing Pilates with Deborah since my steroid injection to treat a disc problem last year. She is more than a Pilates teacher - her understanding of the body, the operation and how to make me better using Pilates was instrumental in my recovery. She helped me improve my core, strength, posture and walking so now I am pain free. She only has to look at me to know if I have been sitting, hunched at my computer all day and so we focus on exercises that put me back to together again.

Mrs W, Reading

I wouldn't consider myself a serious runner but when I decided to run the London marathon there was one person I knew who could help me prepare and stay injury free. Deborah's knowledge and experience helped me during my training as I built strength and stamina so that I made it the start line and acheived my goal of running a sub 5 hour run.

Mr D, Henley

I am a 50 something tennis player. I come to Deborah's classes as she helps me sort out the aches and pains that I am now experiencing as I get older. If I have played several matches during the week my hamstrings always tighten up. This is where having a studio with the equipment is an advantage as I can use the trapeze table to exercise and lengthen the hamstrings and calves quickly.  I look forward to my weekly classes and the conversation is always great too.

Mrs E, Berks

As a professional sportsman, I have found Pilates complements the strength and conditioning program I follow. It helps build core, targets those areas I need to work on followed by a good old fashioned stretch. if it is good enough for the NZ Allblacks then it is good enough for everyone.

Mr S, London

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